Reporting a Crime

Contacting the police for emergencies

Any member of the College community who needs emergency help or medical assistance while on campus, may contact police personnel, day or night, by dialing 911.

Contacting the police for non-emergencies

The non-emergency number is 512-223-1231 and contacts the 24-hour dispatch center.

Additionally, anyone can make a citizen’s complaint or commendation. Please call 512-223-1231 to make a complaint or commendation.

If you have been involved in an accident involving any vehicle leased or rented by the Austin Community College, you must provide the ACCPD with an accident report form.

ALL crimes occurring on or adjacent to ACC property should be reported to the Campus Police at the above number(s) or by contacting an officer on campus immediately (or as soon as possible).

Things to report include missing persons, missing equipment or property, suspicious persons or circumstances, accidents, injuries, damaged property, any of the Clery crimes, etc. If you are in doubt, contact ACC Police Dispatch or an officer on campus.

Investigation of Missing Persons

To report a missing person, contact ACCPD Dispatch at the above number or contact a police Officer on campus.

The College Police Department complies with Public Law 108-21, Title II, Sec. 204 which is more commonly known as “Suzanne’s Law”. This law amends Section 3701(a) of the Crime Control Act of 1990 (42 U.S.C. 5779(a)) so that there is no waiting period before law enforcement agencies initiate an investigation of a missing person under the age of 21 and report the missing person to the National Crime Information Center of the Department of Justice.

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