Title IX: Employee Reporting Requirements

All employees, except certain confidential employees, are designated as Responsible Employees.  Pursuant to state law and college policy, Responsible Employees who, in the course and scope of employment, witness or receive information regarding the occurrence of an incident that the employee reasonably believes constitutes discrimination, sexual harassment, gender-based harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, and/or sexual exploitation and is alleged to have been committed by or against a person who was a student enrolled at or an employee of the institution at the time of the incident shall promptly report the incident to the Title IX Coordinator. ACC has defined prompt reporting as one business day.

Employees who receive reports or become aware of conduct in the course and scope of their employment, are required to report such incidents described above that involve a student or an employee, regardless of when or where the incident occurred.

State law and college policy require that all Responsible Employees share a report of sexual misconduct with the District Title IX Coordinator, even if a request for confidentiality has been made. The purpose of this requirement is to permit the college to take immediate and corrective action to respond to allegations of Prohibited Conduct.  

An employee is not required to report an incident in which they were a victim, or when information is received due to a student or employee’s disclosure at a public awareness event sponsored by the college or a student organization affiliated with the institution. An exception to this is if an employee with ‘actual knowledge’ receives a report at a public awareness event. Under Title IX, employees with actual knowledge must report without exception. Administrators are employees who have been designated by the college as employees with actual knowledge.

What to Report (if Known):

  • Names of involved parties
  • Incident location, date, or timeframe
  • Any additional information you received

Remember: You do not need to ask questions, just report the information that you learned to the Equal Opportunity Compliance Office.

REPORT IT:  When in doubt, report. Not all reports will result in a formal investigation. All reports, however, must be reviewed and responded to in accordance with state and/or federal law. 

How to Submit a Report:

Charlene Buckley
Highland Campus
6101 Highland Campus Dr.
Bldg. 3000, Ste. 2270
Austin, TX 78752
Direct Phone: 512-223-7964
Email: charlene.buckley@austincc.edu or equalopportunity@austincc.edu

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