Elections and Campaigning

State law prohibits the ACC District from using financial, staff, or other resources to advocate for or against any candidate or initiative. All electioneering, including petition gathering, is conducted by the local community, usually by political action committees and other community organizations that are separate and independent of the college.

During an annexation election, the college’s role is to provide voters with factual information related to the impact of annexations, including the costs and benefits to a community. The college’s Elections and Government Relations Office administers all college elections.

Those seeking information about forming a PAC may contact the Election and Government Relations Office at 512-223-7071.

Service Area Responsibilities – Board Policy A-3

ACC Board Policy A-3 sets the premise for the college to invite service area members to join the ACC District and prohibits spending in-district tax revenue to subsidize programs or services for out-of-district areas.

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