Annexation by Election

Under Texas law, Austin Community College can expand its taxing district through annexation of territory that lies within the college’s designated service area. Annexation most commonly occurs through “annexation by election.” This is when residents of a service area community – often a school district but sometimes a city or a county as well – petition ACC to join the college taxing district. The Board of Trustees considers the petition and, if approved, calls for an annexation election in the community so voters there can decide on the proposal. When a community approves annexation, residents begin paying ad valorem taxes to ACC in exchange for increased services and reduced tuition for all residents. The community also gains voting rights in all ACC elections.

Annexation by Election Process Timeline

Activity Timeline
Residents within a community circulate petitions requesting voter signatures to call for an annexation election. Petitions must contain an accurate description of the territory proposed for annexation. Petitioners must gather signatures from at least 5 percent of registered voters in community (based on most recent state and county general election figures). A minimum of 10 percent to 12 percent of voters is recommended in order to allow for invalid signatures. Signatures to be collected no earlier than 180 days before petitions are to be submitted for review.
Residents submit their petitions to ACC election administrator for review. There is no legal deadline, but petitioners should allow for sufficient time for the verification of signatures.
ACC election administrator or designee verifies signatures. If the petition requires more than 1,000 signatures, the election administrator may use as the basis for verification any reasonable statistical sampling method that ensures an accuracy rate of at least 95 percent. No legal deadline, but petitions should be verified in a timely manner in order to meet the additional required dates.
ACC publishes a service plan for community seeking annexation. No later than the 30th day before the date of public hearing.
ACC Board of Trustees holds public hearings in order to provide information on college programs and services and the support to be provided for the area if the annexation election passes. (There is no legal requirement on the format or content of the public hearing.) No earlier than the 45th day and no later than the 30th day before the date the board issues the order for the election.
ACC Board of Trustees orders an election to occur as part of the May or November general elections. No fewer than 72 days before a May election or 78 days before a November election.
Early voting Starts 12th day before a May election or the 17th day before a November election. Ends four days before Election Day.
Election Day Second Saturday in May or first Tuesday after the first Monday in November
ACC Board of Trustees canvasses election. At a publicly called Board of Trustees meeting following the election.
ACC Board passes resolution amending its boundaries. At a publicly called Board of Trustees meeting following the election.
ACC changes tuition rates for new in-district residents. At a publicly called Board of Trustees meeting following the election.

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