Student Affairs Communications

The Student Affairs Communication department provides internal communication and branding support to all Student Affairs departments in the following areas:

  • Communications and marketing outreach strategy
  • Print and digital graphic design
  • Digital promotion via email, Riverbat Echo newsletter, digital signage and more
  • Video production support and event coverage 
  • Limited website edits and consultation

Student Affairs Communication collaborates with the ACC Office of Communications & Marketing with a specific focus on serving internal Student Affairs staff needs and enforcing the ACC brand via internal district communications.

Need assistance? Contact us via the Communications Request Form below:

Expected Timelines:

Project Expected time to complete
Comprehensive Communication Strategy 6-8 weeks
Communication Consult 1-2 weeks
Email Announcement/Memo 1-2 weeks
Riverbat Echo Newlsetter Highlight 2 weeks
Inside Student Affairs Newsletter Highlight Due the first Friday of each month
Graphic Design 1-2 weeks
Promo Items (swag) 8 weeks
Website Updates 1-2 weeks
Video Less than two minutes long – 1 week, assuming talent is readily available

More than two minutes long – 2 weeks, assuming talent is readily available

Animation (<1min) – 7 business days
Animation (1 min) – 10 business days
Animation (1-3 min) – 15 business days
Animation (3+ min) – Consult for expectations of the project

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