Dr. Shasta Buchanan, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, sitting at table with other ACC staff for bimonthly Table Talks discussion

Shasta’s Table Topics

Shasta’s Table Topics is a bimonthly forum where Dr. Shasta Buchanan, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, brings together a group of Student Affairs staff and shines the spotlight on them and the great work they are doing to further student success.

Each Table Topics episode includes staff engaging in authentic conversations about their personal journeys as well as the initiatives they are working on to create the perfect student experience.

If you would like to share your story or your department’s initiatives with a broader audience, nominate yourself or your team for our upcoming Table Topics event. Join us for candid conversations that keep us student-ready and at the forefront of innovation.

Mark your calendar for the next episode of Table Topics on November 17, PBS Offices, Highland Campus

Table Topics YouTube Channel

If you’d like to watch some of the previous Shasta’s Table Topics episodes, you can find past recordings on the related YouTube Channel.

Shasta’s Table Topics Updates

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