Student Accident Insurance

We understand that accidents happen, and that’s why we offer Student Accident Insurance to all our students. This insurance provides coverage for accidents that occur on or off-campus during school-sponsored activities. From minor injuries to more serious incidents, this policy ensures you have financial protection for medical expenses and emergency treatment. With our Student Accident Insurance, you can focus on your studies and campus life with peace of mind, knowing you’re protected.

Filing a Claim

To start filing a Student Accident Insurance Claim, have an ACC employee complete our Student Accident Insurance Claim form. The form will automatically send the provided answers, an insurance packet, and a medical card to the provided student’s email. The ACC employee must also fill out a separate Injury/Incident Reporting Form for the Department of Safety and Environmental Management. From there, the student is responsible for filling out the rest of the packet and emailing it back to ACC Risk Management and ACC District’s Student Accident Insurance agency.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Student Accident Insurance?

The Student Accident Insurance is an insurance policy arranged through ACC which pays for student injuries anywhere on an ACC campus or off-campus at a class or college-sponsored event.

How much does the Student Accident Insurance cost?

The insurance fee is $1.00 per class, paid at registration.

Who is covered by the Student Accident Insurance?

All registered students are covered, except some Corporate Solutions classes and Business Assessment Center clients.

What benefits does the insurance provide?

The insurance is a primary pay policy which means that the policy will pay even if a student has other insurance. The benefit is $25,000 per claim, there is a $25 deductible per claim. Students are responsible for the bill. Billing is between the student and the medical provider. The insurance pays reasonable and customary charges for procedures based on the procedure and zip code of the provider. Students may be responsible for charges over reasonable and customary reimbursement.

How do I select my doctor?

There is no network of medical providers; students are free to choose their doctor or another provider. Medical providers do not have to accept the Student Accident Insurance since there is no network with this insurance program. Students are required to obtain itemized bills with the diagnosis and treatment codes on the bills for submission with the claims forms.

How are claims filed?

Claim forms are available on the ACC Forms Inventory database. Claim forms are processed through the Risk Management and Transportation Office for certification the claimant is a registered student. Claims are paid by the insurance company, not by ACC. The policy number and other school information are left off of the claims form as a security measure so only registered students who have paid the insurance fee will submit claims.

How does ACC manage my personal information?

We strive to keep your personal information protected in accordance with HIPAA guidelines.

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