Duplication Services Procedures

Equipment Servicing and Repair

Campus Managers manage the duplication services on each campus.

The Duplication Supervisor serves a liaison with the equipment contractor (RICOH) regarding technical questions about duplication equipment and facilitates communication with RICOH as needed.


When malfunctions occur, contact the Duplication/Mailroom with the RICOH ID number and state the problem. They will submit the service request to RICOH. If the Duplication/Mailroom staff are not available, report the information to the RICOH Representative at 512-223-7306 or email accricoh@gmail.com.

Paper, Toner & Staples for Copiers

  1. The college provides copier paper and stores it in individual campus Duplication/Mailrooms.
  2. Duplication/Mailroom staff at each campus is the point of contact for paper restock requests.
  3. Toner cartridges and staples for all campus duplication machines are provided and replaced under a service contract with RICOH. To order a replacement toner cartridge or staples contact campus Duplication/Mailroom staff.
  4. Return used toner cartridges in the original box, marked as “USED” to your individual campus Duplication/Mailroom. The ACC District uses these locations to collect and ship to the Central Warehouse for proper recycling of these cartridges.

Desktop Printers

Have the printer model number and RICOH ID number and call the RICOH representative at 512-381-7737 or email this information and the request to printmgricoh@gmail.com.

Paper & Toner for Desktop Printers

The college provides desktop printer paper and stores it at individual campus Duplication/Mailrooms.

To order a replacement cartridge or request service, contact the RICOH representative at 512-381-7737 or printmgricoh@gmail.com.

Equipment Replacement

Address requests to theDuplication Supervisor, who will obtain required documentation for re-view/recommendation to be considered at the next Duplication Services Committee meeting. Requests for replacement or upgrades will be based upon a review of documented need, history/usage data, and equipment specifications by cost and function.

A recommendation from the Duplication Services Committee will be forwarded for approval.

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