Message from the Chancellor: ACC Celebrates Black History Month


Black history is everyone’s history. We celebrate this month because the history books used to educate us whitewashed our collective experience and systemically left out incredibly important moments that could and should inform our American ideal. Black History Month is a time to celebrate the contributions and achievements of Black Americans. This year’s theme focuses on African Americans and the arts, and how the arts shaped Black culture. We can celebrate our colleagues by reflecting on any privileges in our own lives that might knowingly or unknowingly perpetuate stereotypes, ignorance, or division. 

Austin Community College is full of students and colleagues worthy of our celebration, education, support, relationship, and commitment. I am excited to share the ACC web page collecting and communicating the events we are holding to celebrate Black History Month. You can also share your own story, experience, or notes of support and appreciation on the message wall on the web page. Here’s the link:

I’ll call your attention to the opportunity to learn from the GOAT — greatest of all time — Professor Roland Hayes, TOMORROW from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. See his lecture within the list of events to find the details. There’s a second session with Roland on February 27, too. 

These events are just one way to celebrate with all employees, and especially our colleagues for whom Black History Month specifically calls us to support, engage, listen, and love.

Much love,

Russell Lowery-Hart, Ph.D.
Austin Community College District

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