Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Austin Community College offers Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) licensing exams at ACC’s Highland Campus and Round Rock Campus. Visit the TCEQ website to learn more about these exams

Scheduling Your Test

You must register for your test in advance—no exceptions. To schedule an appointment, complete the online Exam Registration form, and follow the link to pay for the $50 TCEQ exam fee through ACC Marketplace. Upon payment, you will enter your receipt/order number to complete your registration and schedule your test.

Exams that exceed 3 hours will be charged 10.00 per hour based on the allotted time. Payment will be due before the exam can begin. If you are taking the 4 hour or 6 hour exam, you must select the 9:00 am appointment time.

(You may also pay for the TCEQ exam directly through ACC Marketplace. You still must submit the Exam Registration form to schedule your test.)

Note: All test fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Identification Requirements

You must bring to your test a government-issued photo ID with your signature, such as a current, valid (not expired) drivers license.

Items Allowed During the Exam

  • Scratch paper (provided)
  • Non-programmable calculator
  • Landscape Irrigator – engineering scale and graph paper
  • Municipal Solid Waste training manuals, notes, rules, etc.

Exam Retakes

We do not offer immediate retesting. If you would like to retest, you must make a new appointment and pay the $50 exam fee.

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