Name a Facility

Depending upon the level of commitment, recognition may include naming opportunities for facilities.

All donations $50,000 and over have the unique opportunity to name a facility. Companies, businesses, and organizations gain greater visibility in the community by naming a facility. Families and individuals can also be part of the great things happening here at ACC by naming a classroom or facility.

Ready to get started?

The Executive Director of the ACC Foundation will be your guide through the process!  You will still determine how your gift will be used (general fund, scholarship, or program), but your philanthropy will illustrate to our students and others in the community that you value and support education in your community. The following naming donation levels are available: 

  • New Buildings – 50% of construction costs
  • Existing Buildings – 50% of the building’s replacement cost
  • Renovated Facilities
    • Those costing in excess of $1,000,000 – 50% of total project cost
    • Those costing less than $1,000,000 – at least 75% of total project cost

The Facility Naming Process

Step 1: Choose a facility

You can take a campus (or campuses) tour to help you identify your desired space for naming. As you work with the ACC Foundation to determine what type of facility and which campus, ACC will share the signage and branding guidelines for naming facilities. At no cost to the donor, ACC will produce and install a standard wall plaque or naming sign to mount at a location approved by ACC. Standard naming signage produced by ACC will be limited to neutral colors (e.g. black, white, gray,) that adhere to ACC facility design standards (standards in development). Signage beyond the standard naming plaque/sign will be considered branding and must be negotiated with and approved by ACC, with all additional expenses paid by the donor. Facilities branding includes any recognition of a donor within the designated space beyond an ACC-provided standard wall plaque or sign. Donors will submit one or more branding design concepts for review/approval by ACC Marketing and ACC Operations. Donors will revise design concepts according to feedback to secure ACC approval.

Step 2: Letter of Intent

The next step is to sign a letter of intent, which specifies the donor, donation amount, donation schedule, proposed facility, and an indication of naming or branding and includes a narrative to justify naming or branding. This letter of intent serves as the request to name or brand college facilities for ACC and will be signed by the donor and approved by the ACC Foundation Executive Director, ACC Foundation Board, and the ACC Chancellor. Finally, the ACC Board of Trustees will approve the request to name a facility at a public board meeting before any work is begun on the signage or branding.  

Step 3: Naming Agreement

Once approved, the donor will sign a naming agreement, which formalizes the donor, donation amount, facility, and naming action. This naming agreement is signed by the donor, the ACC Foundation Board Chair, and the ACC Board of Trustees Chair.

Step 4: Install Signage

At this point, donors can begin coordinating with ACC Campus Planning and Operations to schedule installation. 

Step 5: Celebrate

Donors will work with ACC Foundation and ACC Marketing to celebrate this naming opportunity: coordinate photos, ribbon cutting, or other opportunities to recognize the installation.

Explore Existing Facilities

Donation Level Facilities Type
Unique Spaces Highland Presentation Hall
Highland Black Box Theater
Rio Grande Campus Atriums
San Gabriel ACCelerator
$500,000 ACCelerator
Courtyard / Patio
$300,00 Welcome Center
Student Lounge
$250,000 Lecture Halls
Hy-Flex Classrooms
Specialized Program Labs
$200,000 Science Labs
Computer Labs
$150,000 Counseling Center
Career Center
$100,000 Admissions & Records Office
Financial Aid Office
Advising Center
Assessment Center
Conference Rooms
$50,000 General Lecture Classroom
Student Life Office
Bursar / Cashier
Faculty Lounge
Performing Arts Space Seats (per row)
Professional Development Training Room

Note: To maintain consistent naming standards throughout the college, the ACC District and the Foundation adhere to the following policy, adopted in 2007.  Please contact the ACC Foundation office for further information.

 Naming of Facilities/Public Recognition

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