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NOW AVAILABLE: Get your FREE Academic Year ’23-’24 Parking ePermit! Register online today; no hangtags or stickers are needed once your registration is complete.

Welcome to the Austin Community College District Parking and Transportation webpage, your central source for campus parking information. Explore ACC’s transportation resources designed to simplify your trips to and from campus. Whether you need details on parking permits or public transport routes, we’ve got the information you need. Ordering ACC Parking ePermits is a breeze through our Parking Permit Portal and is open to ACC employees, registered students, and non-ACC employees working at ACC-owned facilities. Embrace sustainability with ACC’s Green Pass program, offering Capital Metro rides to students and employees. Let’s work together to build a more connected campus community by making intelligent transportation decisions that emphasize convenience and safety.

Campus Parking

If you’re going to park on campus, a Parking ePermit will be required 12 days after the start of classes. You can easily order your parking permits online using the Parking Permit Portal. The annual parking permits are valid for the academic year from September 1 to August 31. These permits are available for ACC employees, registered students, and non-ACC employees working at an ACC-owned facility.

To complete your online order, you will need:

  • ACCeID for login
  • License plate number
  • Vehicle year, make & model

Parking permits are digital and linked to your license plate number. A digital permit or e-Permit, simplifies parking authorization and eliminates the requirement for physical permits or stickers on vehicles. Instead, your car’s license plate acts as your valid parking permit. This type of permit is more convenient because you don’t have to worry about losing it or forgetting it. Plus, you don’t need a physical permit if you switch to driving a different vehicle.
Review information about our Parking Regulations and Enforcement.


If you do not have an ACC Parking ePermit, the Parking Rates are as follows:

Time Cost
30 minutes or less FREE
30 minutes – 1 hour $2.00
1 – 2 hours $4.00
2 – 3 hours $6.00
3 – 4 hours $8.00
4 – 5 hours $10.00
5 – 8 hours $14.00
12 – 24 hours $24.00

Public Transportation Options

Driving your car isn’t the only way to get to ACC. Many alternate forms of transportation are better for the environment, and could help you save money. ACC’s Green Pass program provides rides on Capital Metro services for students and full-time employees.  

Carpool/Ride-share Parking

ACC offers ride-share and carpool parking from 6-10am in designated signed parking spaces. These designated ride-share and carpool spaces can be fond strategically placed throughout the ACC District parking areas.

Low Emissions Fuel Efficient and Alternative Fuel Vehicles

ACC also offers designated signed parking spaces for Low Emissions Fuel Efficient (LEFE) and Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFV) also known as GreenCars. Reference the Green Car Institute website to see if your vehicle qualifies.

Be Safe

You can call ACC Police at (512) 223-1231. Our officers are always available to escort you to your car. Always have your keys ready when you approach your vehicle, and keep your doors locked even when sitting inside your car. Vehicles and contents are left at the owner’s risk. ACC does not accept responsibility for theft or damage to your vehicle or its contents.

HIDE your things, LOCK your vehicle, TAKE your keys!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of ePermit can hourly ACC employees receive?

Hourly employees will be issued student ePermits and may only park in designated student parking spaces.

What should I do if I receive an error message stating my vehicle is already registered?

There is currently a known system issue that causes some customers to receive an error message stating their vehicle is already registered. If you receive this message and believe it is an error, please use your ACC email to contact and provide your Name, ACC ID, License plate number, Vehicle Make, and Vehicle Model.

How can I address issues registering my ePermit if I encounter problems?

If you experience difficulties while registering your vehicle or ePermit, you can seek assistance by completing the Parking ePermit Help Form, and a member of our team will reach out to you shortly.

Do non-ACC employees who work at an ACC-owned facility need a parking permit?

Yes, non-ACC employees who work at an ACC owned facility will still need a parking permit. There will be a separate option on the Parking Permit Portal for people not directly affiliated with ACC to get their parking permit called “Non-ACC Employees”.

Is there a grace period at the beginning of the semester for parking?

Typically, there’s a one-week grace period at the beginning of each semester. However, it’s always best to check with the parking office for the exact dates.

What do I do if my vehicle breaks down on campus?

Go to a safe place and contact Campus Police dispatch at (512) 223-1231 or the parking office immediately. They will provide guidance on what steps to take next.

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