Other Employee Benefit Programs

In addition to traditional benefits such as insurance, retirement, and leave programs, ACC provides several programs to help employees maintain their health, deal with a personal or emotional crisis, or save money. Some of these programs are paid for by ACC in whole or in part, while others are paid for by the employees.  

FastPark & Relax at ABIA

Fast Park offers ACC employees a discount, the ability to earn free parking, emergency car services at no additional charge, free water, 24-hour shuttles with pick up/drop off at your vehicle and more!  FastPark is the least expensive covered parking available at the airport. 

When employees register for the FastPark free rewards program, they can make free reservations and guarantee their parking along with all of the benefits mentioned above. FastPark offers easy access off Hwy 71 in both directions. The program is available for business and personal use. Get started at FastPark enrollment.

For questions, contact Mary Hoyt at FastPark at 952-240-5811 or Mhoyt@thefastpark.com.

Microsoft Office 365 

ACC students and employees have free access to latest version of the Microsoft Office productivity suite, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and more for offline and online use. This benefit is free for current students and employees as long as Microsoft extends this benefit. ACC does not provide support for installation on personal devices. This does not take the place of ACCmail or Google Apps; Google is still the college email system. Get instructions for accessing Office 365. 

Texas Tuition Promise Fund

The Texas Tuition Promise Fund is the state’s prepaid college tuition plan. It allows families (or anyone in Texas) to lock in tuition and required fees at Texas public colleges and universities, at today’s prices. The plan allows you to purchase tuition units to cover all or a portion of these costs, and offers flexible, budget-friendly payment options. Learn more Texas Tuition Promise Fund for Employers.

The Texas Match the Promise FoundationSM encourages families to save for college by awarding matching scholarships of tuition units worth up to $1,000, and one-time grants of tuition units worth $2,000, at today’s prices. The scholarships are open to students who meet eligibility guidelines.  

Both programs open for enrollment on Sept. 1 of each year.  

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