Career Connections Resources

ACC Degree and Certificate Programs

Learn how you can earn an associate degree, obtain college credits to transfer for a bachelor’s degree, or obtain a specific career certificate. Read about ACC’s degree and certificate programs.

Please also note that some of the ACC’s instructional department websites may also provide you with career information as to what jobs are related to that specific degree or certificate.

ACC Continuing Education (CE)

Visit the Continuing Education website for information about assessment services, community programs, certificate programs, business & industry skill courses, and courses related to health.

ACC Career Services for Students

Employees are encouraged to visit ACC’s Career Services website for tips and resources.

  • Career Exploration: Research additional websites for information about choosing a career.
  • Personal Assessments: Visit websites for additional self-assessments to help you learn about yourself.
  • Occupational Outlook: Search for additional information on careers and anticipated future outlook for job openings.
  • College and Career Plans: Review college expectations to determine the time and commitment involved and if you are willing to meet those expectations to enhance your future opportunities.

Career Plan Worksheet

The Career Plan Worksheet helps you create a written career path plan. Whether you attend a Career Planning program or do it yourself, this tool will help you record the results of: Assessments Scored Careers Explored: ACC Career Paths Identified: Education/Training/Experience Gaps Listed; and a timeline to accomplish your plan.

Other helpful resources

Informational Interviews

Informational interviews involve talking with people who are currently working in the field to gain a better understanding of an occupation or industry — and to build a network of contacts in that field. You may ask questions about the job function, the company/organization/department, and the career path.

Linkedin Learning For Employees

Visit LinkedIn Learning for a learning experience tailored to your own interests. Note: LinkedIn networking profiles are not required for this service; ACC’s LinkedIn Learning separate from LinkedIn professional networking. 

Library Services

Find articles and career information at your local Library or through ACC Library Services.


Discuss the industry in which you have an interest with everyone you know – family, co-workers, professional and social contacts. They may provide additional info about that industry or refer you to someone who can help.

For-Profit University Tuition Reductions For ACC Employees

  • Capella University – 10%
  • Kaplan University – 20% for Kaplan Nursing Complete Class online course
  • Regis University – 10%
  • Western Governors University – 5%
  • University of Phoenix  – 5%

To take advantage of this discount, make sure your enrollment counselor is aware of your status with ACC. Please note that some of these are private, or proprietary, and tuition levels may be higher than what is charged at public universities.

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