Message from the Chancellor: Concealed Campus Carry Update & Video

The state’s new campus carry law has gone into effect for Texas community colleges as
of August 1. This means License to Carry (LTC) holders are now allowed to carry
concealed handguns at Austin Community College as well as other public
colleges and universities. ACC has developed important next steps that we want to
share with you.

On campus, you will see exclusion zone signs as required by law. The size, content,
and placement is consistent across all Texas colleges and universities. These signs are
posted at the entrances to all areas in which concealed carry is not allowed. In addition
to the signs, the college has published important resources on the Concealed Campus
Carry website
for your review and use. Please visit the website and access the
following resources posted there:

Official policy: The Concealed Campus Carry Policy is published on the website and
includes the list of exclusion zones.

First Week Class video: The Concealed Campus Carry video includes important
information on who can carry a concealed handgun, where they can carry, LTC
responsibilities, and how to report a violation. Beginning this fall, we require that all
faculty share this video during the first week of class to ensure students have this
important information. If you are unable to show the video due to lack of equipment,
please require students to view the video in your course’s Blackboard shell.

Instructions for faculty and students to view the Concealed Campus Carry Video
on Blackboard:
All students receive an electronic identification number, or “ACCeID”
when they apply to Austin Community College. The ACCeID is a unique number that
begins with the first letter of the student’s first name followed by a seven digit ID

Students will use the ACCeID and the password they create to access many college
resources, such as online services for registration, library resources, wireless networks,
and Blackboard, our learning management system (LMS) which is used to supplement
course learning materials and convey important announcements.

If the students know their ACCeID and Password, they may use it to access Blackboard
at to view the Campus Carry Video.

If the students have forgotten their ACCeID or Password or not yet received or activated
it, instruct them to go to and follow the instructions.
If they are still having problems, have them contact the help desk at 512-223-4636.

Syllabus statements & training opportunities: Under Resources, you’ll find
recommended syllabus statements, including messages for: 1) standard classrooms in
non-exclusion zones, 2) courses with physical activity in non-exclusion zones, and 3)
classes held in exclusion zones. The page also includes information on training
opportunities related to campus carry and other safety concerns.

We believe the website and video will help everyone understand the new policy and
ensure ACC complies with state law while maintaining a focus on our higher education

Thank you for your help in making ACC campuses safe and secure for everyone.

Richard M. Rhodes, Ph.D.
Austin Community College District

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