Message from the Chancellor: 2023 College Priorities

Dear Riverbats, 

Welcome back from the winter break. I hope yours was restful and reinvigorating. The year ahead will be an important one. In 2023, ACC will begin its work to implement our Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) and the first phase of a new Student Information System (SIS). We’ll begin work on the 2022 bond projects, and we’ll continue our work to meet students’ academic, financial, and personal needs. These are all part of ACC’s 2022-23 priorities. They help us remain focused on our work to ensure students are on a path toward upward mobility. This work is our North Star, and it’s why I’m committed to doing what’s needed to make sure we succeed. 

I recognize there are areas where we need focused leadership and guidance. To better support all staff, I am implementing some changes at the leadership level. These changes will happen in phases. 

First, beginning this month, ACC’s Vice Chancellor of Instruction, Mike Midgley, will assume the new role of Senior Vice Chancellor of SIS. In this position, Mike will guide the development and implementation of our SIS. An improved SIS will enable ACC to digitize and better manage student information. Mike’s experience as Vice Chancellor of Instruction and as former faculty will ensure the input of faculty and support staff is part of our planning and provide the guidance we need to stay on track and create a seamless transition.

Dr. Gaye Lynn Scott will assume the position of Vice Chancellor of Instruction. Gaye Lynn is well-positioned to guide our Office of Instruction. She currently serves as Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Transfer Programs and has been instrumental in developing and implementing innovative initiatives like 8-week programs and Z-Degree tracks — both of which resulted in higher persistence and completion rates. Gaye Lynn also led efforts to embed equity in faculty hiring, a more strategic approach to scheduling, and the launch of ACC’s early alert program. Both the Provost and I want to keep our momentum moving forward, and we have full confidence in Gaye Lynn’s ability to lead this division. 

Her former position will remain vacant for the immediate future. In the coming month, we will begin the search for a new AVC for Academic Transfer Programs. Our search will extend to both internal and external candidates. If you know anyone who would be a good fit for this role, I encourage you to watch for the job posting and share it as it becomes available. 

Many of our 2023 priorities straddle numerous divisions at the college. To align this work and provide guidance to the leadership team, I am appointing a Chief of Staff. Later this month, Garrett Groves will assume the new, added responsibilities. He also will continue to serve as Vice Chancellor of Strategic Initiatives. In these joint roles, Garrett will oversee high-profile projects and lead ACC into even more collaborative partnerships that stretch across all divisions of the college. So, we can do even more both within the college and externally — among partners in our community, like with Tesla, Samsung, and Dell Medical — to ensure ACC remains at the forefront of innovation and our students have access to the jobs and careers that are in demand.

I hope this restructuring provides you with helpful, additional support. I am immensely proud of the work we’re doing at ACC to transform lives, and our 2023 priorities will be key in guiding this important work.

Thank you for all you do to support one another and serve our students. Together, we are building brighter futures. 

Regards, Richard M. Rhodes, Ph.D.
Austin Community College District

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